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Sprinklers Lines Flood Commercial Building

After a sprinkler test goes bad, thousands of gallons of water are released into this commercial facility in our backyard. We responded immediately with all han... READ MORE

SERVPRO Cleans Up After Residential Fire

SERVPRO is always willing to help a resident out when it comes to fire damage. The second you call us we will send out a team of fire damage restoration experts... READ MORE

Leak in Sink Trap Leads to Major Water Damage

After a small leak had been going on for a few weeks, the customer realized softness in his cabinets. After a little investigation they found out about this dri... READ MORE

Leaky Roof Leads to Water Damage in Commercial Building

When an old flat roof meets a large rain storm, major damage can happen. You should always make sure your roof is up to date and get it repaired after the first... READ MORE

Soot Webs Form During House Fires

When a fire happens inside of a home or usually a smaller open space, soot webs occur when the smoke from the fire is lingering in the air for a long period of ... READ MORE

Mold Forms Behind Drywall

In many cases, mold can grow where we can not see it. A prime example of this is behind drywall. There is usually a space between the drywall and building found... READ MORE

Leak in Sink Trap Leads to Major Mold

Even the smallest leak in a pipe can lead to a major mold problem. It is imperative to check under your sinks or for moist areas that aren't usually moist. This... READ MORE

Hoarding Contents Catch Fire

A house whose owner was a hoard caught a flame a few months back. The contents were able to catch and spread fire quickly. Firefighters were able to put it out ... READ MORE

SERVPRO Does Board Ups

Did you know that us here at SERVPRO can help secure your property after windows or doors are damaged or removed. We can do this by boarding up the open entry w... READ MORE

Broken Pipe Makes a Mess in Classroom

A wintery weather mix in January resulted in an emergency at a small school when a pipe broke. The cold temperatures caused the pipe to expand and contract, thi... READ MORE