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A thanks from our police departments

Thank You Letter

SERVPRO is proud to stand by our first responders in this crucial time. We appreciate responses like this after donating disinfectant wipes to our local police departments to help keep them safe.

Post Fire Photo

A fire happened near our location in Philadelphia. SERVPRO sent a crew to the site to begin the clean-out. After hours of work, our crew was able to get ride of debris and trash using on-site dumpsters to help haul it out. Overall, we got a hard job done right!

Residential Fire Jobs

SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd provides a wide variety of services to help our customers when the incur emergencies like flooding or fire damages to their home or commercial property. Pictured above is the first day on the job of a residential fire that occurred over a year ago. Our team unloaded 7 cu yards of trash and debris in one day. Great job team! There isn't a fire loss that SERVPRO can not handle. Be sure to call SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd at 610-667-9080 when you or someone you know is going through a situation like this and we would be glad to come out and help them out!

Act Fast When Water Leaks In Your Home

Many of times we don't notice a leak under the sink right away because it isn't directly visible. Without opening the cabinet doors under the sink you may not notice this leak for a few days. When moisture is left to sit around like that for a certain period of time will start to form mold. Be sure to hire a professional with years of experience in removing mold from residents homes. SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd is just that! We have helped many homeowners get their homes back to normal so they can get back to living comfortably in their home. Call us today at 610-877-9080 when you need mold removed from your property.

Apartment Rec Room Washer Leak

This week SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd took on a job at an apartment building where one of the washing machines had a malfunction and leaked. There was water and suds everywhere so we came in and diffused the situation. Our team started by using heavy duty water extractors to get the bulk of the water off the floor and out of the building. The next step was to lay down equipment like dehumidifiers and air movers to speed up the drying process. Porous items such as cardboard, paper, and drywall all absorb moisture during an event like this so it is imperative to get these things dry. Call SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd at 610-667-9080 when you find yourself with water damage. 

When Your Home Has Water Damage, SERVPRO is Here to Help

We know the stress a homeowner may feel when their home gets damaged in an event like flooding or kitchen fire. SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd has been able to restore these damaged homes to get families back on their feet and living their lives like nothing ever happened. We try to relieve the stress put on the homeowner by getting the job done right the first time in a timely fashion. Our professionally trained staff will gladly remediate damage done to your home whether it be water, fire, or mold damage. Be sure to give us a call at 610-667-9080 when you have property damage. 

Residential Storm Damage

Weather can often differ from region to region and in our case we're in the north eastern region of the U.S. This means we get a pretty wet and rainy season during the year. This year has been particularly bad regarding rain storms. All the rain has softened up the ground allowing water to seep through it faster. Pictured is a home we did a job after a heavy rain caused water to leak into the basement. We were able to take on the in-home disaster within a couple of days. Call SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd when your home suffers damage from a storm!

Super Market Fire

Last week, SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd took on a large scale fire job. There was a fire inside of a super market. Luckily, someone acted immediately and put out the blaze with a fire extinguisher. This could have been a lot worse, but the damage was already done. There was fire extinguisher discharge all over the frozen food section. SERVPRO was called in and we worked on the job for about 4 days until the affected area was restored back to normal! If you or someone you know experiences a commercial fire loss, be sure to let them know we take those types of things on. Call us at 610-877-6653.

Mold/Mildew In The Household

Mold and Mildew within your home can be very detrimental to your health when it isn't addressed correctly. Many times homeowners will try to tackle a mold removal job themselves. It may seem like a doable job at the time, but most likely the mold will return quickly after it was "removed". Homeowners will tend to use bleach and it does look like the mold is gone after a solid cleaning. Once the chlorine in the bleach evaporates, it leaves the water that was in the bleach on the affected area and as a result, mold grows back again. Please do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd at 610-667-9080 when you spot mold in your home. 

Residential Water Losses

You never know when your house could have a leak or the basement could flood. As a homeowner, you must ask yourself if you are prepared for a disaster like this. Have a professional on hand that can be at your doorstep in a jiffy. Call SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd at 610-667-9080 if your home suffers from water damage. We even do Emergency Ready Plans free of charge so that home owners and property managers can be prepared for an event like this. It is so important to have this plan in tact because the quicker we can get to a job, hopefully, the less damage can be done to your property. 

SERVPRO Can Help With Water Damage!

Sometimes water damage can happen in your home when you least expect it. It could occur from a leak in the roof or over saturation of the ground around the structure of your home/property. Call SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd when you find water inside your house.

SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd Does Professional Cleaning.

Did you know SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd does professional cleaning? Not only do we do fire and water damage restoration, but also the cleaning of many different things. Our cleaning ranges from rugs, couches, and cars to soot covered toys or furniture and everything in between. Call SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd at 610-667-9080 when you need a professional cleaning. 

January is Here! That Means Things Could Get Icy!

January is here which means the mid-winter weather will be here before we know it. Snowy roads, black ice, and shoveling your home or property will be upon us shortly. Be prepared before this winter weather hits, not after! Create an emergency kit for your vehicle. Include water, food (non-perishable), flares, flashlight, multi-tool, blankets etc. This will greatly help you if your vehicle becomes disabled in a snow storm or accident!

When Your Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd Home is Affected by a Storm, Call SERVPRO!

You never know when the next thunder storm will roll through our area. Sometimes homes that don't normally flood will incur some water damage when it rains long enough. The ground becomes extra saturated and makes it easier for water to seep through to basements. Call SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd at 610-667-9080 for professional remediation!

What to do When You Have Mold

Many home owners are DIYers (Do it yourselfers) and when they come across something like mold they want to get rid of it themselves. Seems easy enough right? Unfortunately, mold doesn't go away so quickly and easily. When you spray mold with say, bleach, it looks like the mold is gone. In reality, this mold seems to disappear but the spores live on and will most likely grow back within 2-3 days. Be aware of this and call a professional like us to take care of the mold in your house!

Mold Prevention Tips

1. Keep humidity low by using a dehumidifier in places like basements or anywhere else that could build moisture. 

2. Clean and dry your home within 2 days of a flood. 

3. Fix leaks in your homes structure like on the roof or walls. 

4. Be sure your home is ventilated and air is moving. 

Smoke Clean-up in the Home

1. Never enter your home without consent from the fire marshal first. 

2. Start by making sure the area is properly ventilated. 

3. Make sure wet items are dried before starting the smoke clean up.

4. Get loose soot off walls using a vacuum.

5. Place drop cloth down and wear safety goggles and gloves.  

Smoke Alarm Tips

1. Test your smoke alarms monthly. 

2. Change batteries right away when your alarm starts chirping. (meaning low battery)

3. Replace alarms when they become out dated. 

4. Place alarms outside of bedrooms and near kitchens/garages. 

Does Your Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd Home Have Mold?

Does your Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd home have mold? If you noticed anything resembling mold you should get it tested quickly. After testing is done and you have determined it is mold, SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd will eliminate it for you! Give us a call at 610-667-9080. 

Wildfire Safety Tips

Due to the recent outbreak of wildfires over in the western side of the U.S. here are some safety tips regarding wildfires.

1. Clear dry leaves from your yard/property

2. Prune trees so fires don't spread branch to branch 

3. Create an emergency evacuation plan if you don't have one already

4. Keep vegetation surrounding your home watered

5. If there is a known fire around, be aware and check your home for smoke or fire. 

Be Careful When Using Firepits

1. Do not use fire pit underneath trees or overhangs.  

2. Use a metal mesh cover to keep ashes from spreading around the area. 

3. Do not use lighter fluid or gasoline to start a fire. 

4. Never leave a fire unattended. 

Water Damage Tip!

To make the drying process easier, make sure you get porous items off the floor and roll up area rugs if you have them. This will help the drying equipment hit the areas that need it most and won't waste time drying things that didn't have to get wet. SERVPRO is very experienced in the drying process. If you ever think you might need help drying something, you probably do! Give us a call at 610-667-9080 for more details about our drying process. We are happy to answer any questions you may have to help you with your drying needs!

Faster to Any Size Disaster!

All across the U.S. and Canada there are many businesses and large buildings that handle business each day. Not everyone can plan ahead for horrific weather like hurricanes and other storms. When your company is displaced by a storm or fire, be sure to call SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd to make it "Like it never even happened." 

How to Remove Water Stains!

To get rid of a water stain on top of wood, try placing butter on top of the stain and wait about 24 hours to remove the butter. Once removed, the stain should be gone too!

Taking on a wet carpet with the rover!

We Have The Equipment!

At SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd has the right, professional equipment to get your job done.  When you call us we send the most highly trained staff to finish your job and we walk away "Like it never even happened." 

Call SERVPRO When You Suffer a Loss

SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd has been proudly serving this community and we hope to continue our services for many years to come! Call us at 610-667-9080 when you suffer a loss!

We Do Commercial Jobs

SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd has done many different types of jobs including commercial losses. These losses would include anything from water losses to fire losses. We even do commercial mold removal for large warehouses, schools, businesses or any other commercial buildings. 

SERVPRO Cleans at Sea!

A few months ago we were called out to clean a greasy rug on a tug boat. The boat was porting at 5pm and we had a small time table to be able to fit this job in for the captain. We were able to meet the boat at the dock and get the rug cleaned. The Crew was highly satisfied by the job we had done. 

Green Fleet

Here at SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd, we have the know how and equipment to get any job done right. Give us a call at 610-667-9080 for more information about your fire or water loss. 

Got Mold?

Got mold? Call SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd at 610-667-9080 if you see what you believe to be mold. Check places where water may be able to build up like the ceiling, near window sills, or in the basement. 

SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd Wishes You a Happy New Year!

With the new year around the bend, SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd wishes you and your family the best for 2019. Holidays are a great time of the year to spend with family and eat great food so enjoy!

Luxury Apartment Water Loss

About a month ago we were called to an apartment building in Wynnewood where a sprinkler system was broken. Water had leaked everywhere starting up on the 5th floor and continued to flow down to the main lobby effecting all the floors in between. Pictured is the apartment that the water began to leak in. We had a crew there very quickly and began to extract the water right away. The first step is to get most of the water up off of the floor so that it doesn't continue to seep into other porous items. Call SERVPRO today!

Commercial Water Losses

SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd is capable of handling even the largest water losses. We have encountered many different situations and have experienced in it all! Do not hesitate to call us as we are an emergency service. The moment you see water start to intrude your basement or leak through the roof, call us at 610-667-9080 for immediate emergency service. We always have highly trained staff on call to handle any situation at any time of the day. SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd is Here to Help. Make it "Like it never even happened."

Winter Weather Tips

  • Leave plenty of following distance between you and the vehicles in front of you. 
  • Try not to stop on hills in ice or snow as it may be hard to gain momentum again. 
  • Keep an emergency kit inside your vehicle that includes water, a flashlight, flares, hand warmers, blanket, non-perishable food items, small shovel etc.
  • Do not travel with less than a half of a tank of gas because your gas lines may freeze or you may be stuck for awhile using up a lot of gas. 

Have a Safe Holiday Season!

Have a safe holiday season this year! It is important to drive with headlights on in snow and rain, and watch out for other drivers on the road. When cooking your holiday meal, be sure to stay in the kitchen and keep an eye on the stove area.

F-150 SERVPRO Wrap

This picture was taken on a brisk November day outside of a 5 story luxury apartment building. We had been there for a major water loss which took a few weeks to complete. Luckily, only a few residents were misplaced by the incident. While we were there taking pictures we couldn't help but to notice how cool the autumn trees were around this pretty cool truck wrap. This truck is driven by one of our production managers, be sure to give them a wave when seeing them around the neighborhood. SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd is very proud to serve this community!

SERVPRO's First Responder Bowl

SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd is proud to sponsor an event like this as we thank all the first responders who are helping out their communities everyday. This will be our first time sponsoring this bowl, so be sure to tune in. The game will take place December 26th, 2018 at 12:30 pm in Dallas Texas. Boise St will take on Boston College at Cotton Bowl Stadium. This looks to be a great match up as both teams are extremely talented. Be sure get a basket of wings and tune in the day after Christmas to watch an exciting game of football. 

SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd Has The Capacity to Handle Any Loss

SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd has the equipment to handle any sized loss. We have a warehouse full of restoration equipment including air movers, dehumidifiers, desiccants, floor/wall scrubbers etc. No matter what your situation is, our crew members can mitigate the situation and make its as stress-free as possible. SERVPRO is a national franchise and we work together with each other to make sure you are completely satisfied with timely and professional work. From large fires to hurricane floods, do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd at 610-667-9080 for help with your large loss. 

One of Our Vans From The Green Fleet

This is SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd's ProMaster vehicle. This is a Dodge Promaster and it looks pretty good in SERVPRO green if you ask us. This is the perfect size for getting some of our staff and equipment to smaller jobs. It is decently fuel efficient, and has the size to lug a load of tools to loss sites. Make sure to give our driver a wave if you see them around the neighborhood! SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd is here to help our local customers. Call us at 610-667-9080 when you need professional work done!

SERVPRO Will Clean on Land or Sea!

Recently, SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd was called in to clean a greasy rug inside of a tug boat. The captain told us when they would be porting and we should up early to make sure we could find the boat. We conducted a very thorough cleaning of the rug and by the time we were done, it looked like new. The tug boat crew was highly satisfied by our work and were even more happy we could do it within their busy schedule. Even if the job you are looking to be done is a little abnormal, we have probably done it before. 

SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd Provide High Quality Work

We have the right crew to get whatever task is at hand done right! SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd is proud to have the staff we currently have. Whether it be fire, water or mold, we are here to help. SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd is ready for whatever happens and we make it "Like it never even happened". We are IICRC accredited which only goes to the most professional restoration services. We have the experience and knowledge to handle any situation given to us and have a great history of satisfying customers. Call us at 610-667-9080 to find out more about your fire, water, or mold issues. 

New Marketing Vehicle!

Recently, SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd got another car to represent our franchise! This will be used for marketing purposes, and on occasion, may be used to help transport some of our staff to different jobs. It is very hard to miss this vehicles bright green back and huge flames on the hood. This car is pretty good looking if you ask us! Be sure to give us a wave when you see us driving around the neighborhood. If you have a fire or water loss be sure to give us a call at 610-667-9080 for professional work. 

SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd Can Restore Wet Documents!

SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd is known for its fire, water, and mold work, but did you know that we can restore wet documents? In certain places and businesses, documents can be very important (i.e. Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Retail Stores, etc.). We can even restore expensive paintings! If it is more than our location can handle, corporate has its own industrial sized document drying station! We can send your important documents straight to Tennessee to get professionally dried. SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd can handle any sized document restoration job. Give us a call at 610-667-9080 for more details!

SERVPRO Boxes Up Your Belongings!

SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line / Bala Cynwyd takes pride in our organizational skills and our ability to help so many of our customers in their time of need. We understand the stress that is involved with  situations like fire and water losses so we try to be as easing and stress free as possible. That being said, our franchise takes your belongings very seriously. When boxing of personal items is needed, SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line / Bala Cynwyd neatly packs these things away, clearly labeling along the way. This is done so that when all is said and done you can easily find all of your belongings afterwards. 

Damage Assessment

Crew Chief José Salas walking in to assess the damage from a sewage backup at a luxury apartment complex.  We regularly take on large losses at apartments, super markets, department stores, office buildings etc.