What our Customers say...


Grease fires are always a mess. In our case, we couldn't put it out right away. There was fire damage as well as smoke and soot throughout the house. This was no task for us as we had never dealt with that stuff before. We called SERVPRO because a friend of ours had the same thing happen to them and they were happy with SERVPRO's service. They came in and went straight to work. It took about 5 days to get fully cleaned up but it was above my standard. I didn't expect to see our home in the same degree as before but they sure did it. Thanks SERVPRO.

After discovering some white fuzzy mold in our basement we decided to call a professional. After doing some research, SERVPRO seemed to be the best choice. They came out and cut out the affected area and then replaced everything like new! We were so happy we went with this company.

After a kitchen mishap and leaving the oven unattended for a little too long, we had a smoke issue. We got the fire out soon enough for there to be no damage other than smoke. After a few hours we realized it wasn't going away without professional help. We called SERVPRO to handle it and they did a great job.  After a few days the whole first floor smelled amazing.

My son left the sink running all night and it ended up overflowing and sitting on the tile floor for awhile. The water wicked up the wall too and SERVPRO was there to help us in an unlikely situation. I wish I never needed to call them but I now know I made the right choice. I would recommend them to family and friends.

SERVPRO came out to my house when heavy winds were opening and closing my storm door. I should have just pulled it shut and locked it but I totally forgot. The door slammed so hard that the glass shattered and went everywhere! I tried to clean it myself but quickly realized that it was no easy task. In fact, I didn't think I could safely pick up all the glass so I called SERVPRO. They were super nice and left no trace of glass in my mulch and yard. I was very happy with the job the guys did.

Kyle said "I had a client with a flooded finished basement. The loss accrued on a Sunday, SERVPRO® crew arrived within the hour. Communication between me my client and SERVPRO® was crystal clear. My client was very satisfied with your services, Thank You again SERVPRO®."

After a snow storm led to our roof leaking we called SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd to repair the damages. They fulfilled every expectation we had and more. The guys they sent were friendly too. 

After a fire in our homes kitchen we were devastated with the damage sustained during the incident. We needed outside help to get our kitchen and house back up and running like normal. SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd was sent out to remediate the damage and we couldn't be happier with the results. 10/10 we would totally use this franchise again!

We had SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd come out and clean our rugs. There were some heavy stains but SERVPRO's industrial carpet cleaners were able to lift them. I would definitely recommend them to family or friends. 

After a few rain storms where our basement got wet, we found mold on the walls. Each time we cleaned it, it came back a few days later so we decided to call SERVPRO. They got rid of the mold and it hasn't been back since. 

About 2 weeks ago I noticed mold in my closet. I called SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd for help. They got the mold tested and went straight to work. The Mold was gone within the day and I couldn't be happier. I feel better being in my home again. 

After our store had been damaged by water we needed SERVPRO to fix the mess we had on our hands. They did everything we expected in about two days less than what we had expected. 

After a water loss happened in our office, many of our documents were soaking wet. We didn't know who to call and thanks to google we came across SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd, who took our documents to their warehouse for drying. We are so thankful SERVPRO was able to save these documents as many of them were crucial client information. 

Melting snow caused water build up around the structure of our home, which in turn placed water in the basement. SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd came that day to give us an estimate. We went with them and they were able to make our basement look like there had never been any water. 

When my home had a fire, SERVPRO cleaned and scrubbed just about everything on the first and second floors. They did such a great job, we would recommend them to anyone looking for a fire damage clean up. 

After a few rain storms back to back, our basement got water. There was about 2 inches of standing water. SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd came in and extracted all the water before setting drying equipment to soak up the rest of the dampness. Without SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd we're not sure our basement would ever be the same. Thanks!

SERVPRO's staff was very friendly and personable. Not only did they make me feel better about the situation, but also they did a great job. 

After a grease fire in my kitchen there was soot and the smell of smoke on the walls. SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line helped me get my house back to normal by scrubbing the walls very intricately. 

After a large rainfall one night a few months back, we woke up to a puddle of water in our guest bedroom. We needed help ASAP! SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd was at our home that same morning and we are so grateful! Thank you for cleaning up something that could have been a lot worse. 

When our basement flooded there was about 2 inches of water on the floor. SERVPRO extracted the water with large vacuum-like equipment. Then once all the water was gone they set up dehumidifiers to get the rest of the moisture out. I would totally call them again for services. 

After our neighbors house caught on fire we had some smoke damage in our home. SERVPRO put down equipment overnight and scrubbed the walls and ceiling. We are so happy to have our house smelling normal again!

My expensive rug was getting dirty and worn. I called SERVPRO and had them come to my house to clean the rug. Not only does it look less worn, it also had deep stains removed like they were never there. I can not be happier with the service SERVPRO provided me. 

I am the store manager at the department store and during my shift a sprinkler head went off. We were able to stop the leak eventually but the damage had already occurred. I called my boss and he called SERVPRO. They were at the store within the hour and started to clean up the mess. We couldn't have done it without them! 

We needed a large area of a rug cleaned before a banquet in our hotel. SERVPRO did a great job of cleaning the rug back to a condition we haven't seen in years. Thank you so much.

Our restaurant had a kitchen fire, we were able to put it out with fire extinguishers but damage had already been dealt. Luckily, it was confined to only around the stove. SERVPRO was able to come in and get rid of all the soot and smell of smoke. We were back to operating normally within no time!

When I called SERVPRO at 11 at night, they were at my house within an hour and a half. I wasn't expecting such a fast response but I'm sure glad I called them. 

I created an Emergency Ready Plan with SERVPRO and wasn't really sure I would ever use it. About a year later we had a flood in our basement and the ERP was really helpful. They knew my address, where to park, my plumbers contact, etc. I couldn't be happier with the quick and professional response. 

I started to smell a weird odor in my apartment and found what looked to be mold. I called a hygienist and they concurred that what was in my apartment was in fact mold. I asked them who I can call to get this problem taken care of and the hygienist recommended SERVPRO so I called them. They were able to clean out the mold and I have nothing to say but good things about this company. I would definitely use them again. 

When it last rained the roof started to leak. It wasn't a huge leak, but there were water stains on the ceiling and a decent sized puddle in the middle of the bathroom. SERVPRO came to my home and cleaned it all up and patched the roof! No leaks since and I would definitely refer SERVPRO to friend or family member. 

We had a pretty bad coffee stain in our couch and we tried a few times to clean it ourselves but were unsuccessful.  SERVPRO was able to use a commercial grade upholstery cleaner and the stain came out! We are so happy with the work SERVPRO did!

The sprinkler system failed at our office building and left about an inch of water on the ground level floor. We called SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd and they were here within an hour. They had heavy duty vacuums that extracted the water quickly and efficiently. We were back up and running within a week or so, but we thought it would be much longer. 

After all the recent rain storms, our basement became built up with moisture. We noticed a musty scent and called SERVPRO immediately. They were at our house quickly and were able to recognize where the mold was. Then the dry wall was removed along with the mold. Overall great work! Thanks SERVPRO. 

An appliance malfunction caused a spark to light our tree on fire. We were able to put the fire out, but everything smelled like smoke inside our home. SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/Bala Cynwyd came and scrubbed down everything. It's like my home is back to normal!

We had a small kitchen fire that made the whole house smell like smoke. SERVPRO came and thoroughly cleaned my whole house! It smells even better than before they came. 

SERVPRO was very professional and polite.  We could not have done the work ourselves.  We were referred to SERVPRO and we would definitely refer them to our friends or family for their restoration needs. 

The team at SERVPRO came to help fix the damage the recent storm did to my house. They were very helpful and did an excellent job.

Thank you so much for the speedy cleaning of my rental property!  I would highly recommend using SERVPRO.

Incredible service!  SERVPRO worked around the clock over the weekend to get me back in my home

The SERVPRO ERP is a great resource!  Thank you for coming out and helping us get prepared in case theres ever an emergency.

Thank you for getting our basement back in shape!  We highly recommend the professional service we received from SERVPRO.

My husband and I called SERVPRO frantically last Thursday for water damage in our newly remodeled home in Princeton. I could have never imagined the level of professionalism and help that we received. Jose and his crew were beyond helpful, timely, confident, professional and flexible. They not only remedied the situation, but helped us understand step by step of the process that we were going to go through. I cannot thank them enough for all of their help and expertise. Our home will be good as new and ready for Thanksgiving. Thank you to SERVPRO and thank you to Jose! Absolute perfection, you are lucky to have him.

SERVPRO of Bala Cynwood walked me through step by step directions on how to turn my water off when my basement was flooding.  I can't thank you all enough!

During our time of need, SERVPRO was there for us.  Thank you for getting my family and I back into our home!

Thank you for your service and the great recommendation for a repairman!

After our basement flooded the mold set in quick.  SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line/ Bala Cynwood was on site in less that 1 hour to begin the remediation process.  Their professionalism speaks volumes!

Thank you for being there for us during our time of need. We were ecstatic to receive our valuables back in the condition SERVPRO returned them in. 

Thank you for the timely cleaning service.  We were able to get back up and running in no time! 

Thank you so much! I will definitely be recommending you all to anyone in need!!

Our water heater burst and flooded our entire basement while I was at work.  The SERVPRO team was there before I was able to get home from work.  Thank you for the speedy recovery!!

Thank you for the courteous and timely service.  I will definitely be recommending SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line & Bala Cynwood!

I couldn't have asked for better service. The SERVPRO team was in and out in less than 48 hours.